Much of our software has built-in on-screen assistance
and is self-explanatory.

However we are pleased to show videos and give other assistance as below.


To install our software simply visit our DOWNLOAD page and follow the instructions.
See how easy it is in the video below.

To uninstall / remove our software please see below.


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Simply click on the relevant BUY button to open a new window at our payment partner's site.

You can choose your currency and preferred payment method.

You will then be emailed  a user code and license number which you enter into our software to remove the evaluation restrictions. You will not be sent any new files or programs.

RENEWING? - simply buy a new license.

Installing PATools XL Toolbox


  • PATools Merge Suite - Scroll down to watch a short video to see the software in action.
  • PATools Easy Word Merge - Click here to watch a short video to see the software in action.
  • PATools Invoicing - There are a number of tutorial videos that will show you how to use the software and get the most out of it, including all the various options.
    Click here to see the list and watch.

Mail merge with the power of Excel

See the different types of mail merge and a glimpse of what YOU can do.

Go on - impress your boss! Get promoted ...

Reported issues

Not bugs, so we can't fix them...

  1. PATools Merge Suite. In some cases the software may report that a field exists in the main document which does not have a header in the source data. To the user they may appear both to be there. If this happens, check the formatting of the header cell - it may need setting to General format under Numeric, or alternatively you can change an option in the software from Text to Values.
  2. PDF Creation fails. Users of Excel 2007 wishing to produce pdf files may require the Microsoft add-in available from Microsoft here.
IMPORTANT NOTE on Microsoft Outlook security
When using this PATools product users of Outlook 2000 or later may encounter issues with Outlook security. If you do not wish to see these messages we suggest you try the MAPILab product at
This product is simple to install, and is free for private or commercial use. Although PATools does not recommend any particular product, we have successfully used this one ourselves.

Uninstall / remove

  • PATools XL Toolbox  - Visit the download page and download the Installation workbook. Within that workbook there is a button to remove our software. Once complete, simply delete the Installation workbook you downloaded. 
  • PATools freebies - Simply delete the zip file you downloaded and any files you extracted from it.
  • All others - Just delete the workbook you downloaded.

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