PATools XL Toolbox

since 1999

Version history


Major releases listed below.

Minor updates are small enhancements, bug fixes, etc.


  • R5.20 Improved Mail Merge engine. Facility to Merge to a template in a different workbook. Can merge direct to template. Minor Excel bug workaround for Print Preview.
  • R5.10 Added variable password protection for Excel output. Simplified zipping. Improved File Manager.
  • R5.00 Major changes behind the scenes throughout.
  • R4.06 Enhancements to on-screen help.
  • R4.05 Licensing improvement, plus more tools and minor bug fix.
  • R4.04 Performance improvements, plus a minor bug fix.
  • R4.03 New tools and performance improvements, plus a few minor bug fixes.
  • R4.02 Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • R4.01 Major overhaul and improvements, new licensing, new tools, minor bug fixes. Outlook Exporter removed.
  • R3.11 Improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • R3.01 New tools; many improvements to Send by Email functionality. Other improvements and bug fixes.
  • R2.03 New tools; Shortcuts now has 9 custom tabs supporting mixed files and folders; and a minor bug fix.
  • R2.01 Changes to prevent our software being mis-classified as containing possible viruses.
  • R1.11 Minor performance improvements.
  • R1.00 New product, bringing together previous products into one suite.



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