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since 1999

Advanced Replace

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The software will search in the selected cells in the worksheet(s) / workbook(s) you specify. If you have not selected a range of cells, then all used cells on each worksheet will be searched.

You can search in either

  • some/all worksheets in the current workbook
  • all sheets in selected/all open workbooks
  • all sheets in selected closed workbooks

Under the Evaluation License search is limited to 3 worksheets per workbook.

Unlike Excel's built-in replace, there is no undo with this software after running Replace.

Special Characters

These are obtained by clicking on * for Find and/or Replace.

The special characters supported are * (asterisk), ? (question mark), ~ (tilde), Tab, Line feed (LF) (manually input into a cell as ALT+ENTER), Form feed (FF), Carriage return (CR), Carr return + Line feed (CRLF).

The Summary file

Each time you run this software a text file is created named AF YYDDMM HHMMSS.txt and saved in a folder called AF in the path where you installed PATools XL Toolbox, and is retained for 90 days.

You can view the last one created at any time by clicking on the 'View last summary' button; right-click to open the folder to see previous results.


Screen off will run faster by deactivating the screen. Right-click to change the default.



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