PATools XL Toolbox

since 1999

Range Manager

Help and Documentation


The Range Manager is largely intuitive and self-explanatory with the on-screen guidance, but we suggest you invest a little time trying it out, and watching the video above will also help you get up to speed quickly.

Simply select your range of cells and then open this software.

The panel on the left will show you information about your range of cells.

On the right are various tabs grouping the tools you can use. When you move the mouse over each button you can see at the bottom of the screen more information about what the tool does and what options you have. Just click the tool to run it.

Since there is no undo facility you should save your data before running these tools and check the results are what you expect/correct first before moving on.

All tools run on up to 200 cells in Evaluation License mode, but to run on more cells you will need to purchase a license.



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