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PATools XL Toolbox

Our best seller, incorporating the PATools Merge Suite.

Mail merge, and create labels, using only Excel, or Excel and Word.

This full suite of over 200 tools will make your life better every time you work in Microsoft Excel.

PATools Invoicing

Very quick and easy to create invoices, credit notes and quotes,
and email them straight out as neat pdf attachments.

Just five clicks to chase debtors too!

And all your data is in Excel!

PATools Auto-numbering

PATools Auto-numbering is a workbook for Excel that contains mechanics to integrate with your workbooks and templates to number consecutive documents automatically.

You can have copies automatically printed and saved using the number as part of the filename, and summary data can be logged in an index spreadsheet.

PATools Auto Bank Rec

Use this workbook for your cash book
and let PATools prepare your bank reconciliation
at the press of a button!

Mail merging is easy and fun!

Yes, really. And very satisfying.

Well, we think so.

Sit back with your coffee, and watch this video. You'll want to do your own (even if it's only your party invitations!). Ssshhh ...


The following workbooks for Microsoft Excel are available for download totally free of charge:
1. Numbers to Words - convert numeric digits to words 
2. Calendar - it works for any year or period, with various options ... just paste in your logo and print
3. Invoice Template - get a ready-made invoice template
4. PATools CashFlow - ready to use cashflow model in 2 templates - landscape and portrait format - just enter a start date, opening balance and you are off - you can add lines for income or expenses, add interest calculations, etc etc
5. Project Plan Template (Excel 2007 or later only) - get a ready-made template for managing projects - just add rows and columns as required
Just visit our Download page and scroll down. All these freebies are included in one small zip file for you to download.

other services

PATools has helped a number of organisations to collect, index, and re-structure data, either from multiple spreadsheet files into one, or from multiple sheets into one, or even from other software files (such as flat text files or Word documents). This has sometimes meant re-organising, removing duplicates, and further indexing the same data.

PATools also produces software tailored to your requirements, specialising in add-ins, workbooks and automated data management for use with Microsoft Office software, and individual bespoke applications for use with Windows and the internet.

We specialise in providing a fast and affordable service, especially for small businesses. Our software is written to be maintainable by you where-ever possible.

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