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PATools XL Toolbox Tools

This full suite of tools will make your life better when you work in Microsoft Excel.

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With just a couple of clicks ...
 ... you open your frequently used files and folders
 ... you can email just part of your open workbook - even just a range of cells
 ... you can run a simple mail merge (or a really complicated one with lots of clever options)
 ... you get your Outlook data into Excel
 ... you can even make lots of folders or rename lots of files using Excel formulas
 ... and so much more besides ...

Try it without obligation for as long as you like.

All features work fully for you to evaluate.

And when you have seen the potential you can buy and unleash the real power!

See the separate component specs below.
IMPORTANT NOTE on Microsoft Outlook security
When using this PATools product users of Outlook 2000 or later may encounter issues with Outlook security.
If you do not wish to see these messages we suggest you try the MAPILab product at
This product is simple to install, and is free for private or commercial use. Although PATools does not recommend any particular product, we have successfully used this one ourselves and know of others who have found it to solve their problems.

PATools Range Manager is a series of tools to boost your experience with Microsoft Excel software. Examples include:

Compare 2 adjacent tables of data - watch a video here

Send your selected range of cells straight to an email body

Instantly create a csv file of your selected range of cells - no need to SaveAs

Quickly clear all duplicates from your selected range

Quickly clear all error cells from your highlighted range

Create or remove hyperlinks from your range

Remove double (and multiple) spaces from text in your range

Fill in missing items in your data eg copy into empty cells from the nearest cell value above

Add rounding to all your formulae in your range ie add the =ROUND formula to all formula cells

Adjust values, flip the sign (ie positive to negative), round all numbers in your range

Flip words around in text eg LastName FirstName > FirstName LastName

Create a table of data from 1 column of data, and vice versa

Reverse a range of cells

Pick a cell from a range at random

and lots more besides ...

PATools Advanced Replace works in a similar fashion to the built-in Find and Replace features in Microsoft Excel software, except that now you can

search and replace throughout multiple open or closed workbooks

easily work with special characters such as tab, asterisk, question mark, line feed (input as ALT+ENTER in a cell), etc

get a full history of formulae before and after, by using the Tracking facility

get a summary of how many were found and/or replaced in each worksheet

Each time you run a find or replace a summary text file is created in your temporary file folder (eg c:\windows\temp). This file logs a summary count of the results per worksheet, and logs any errors encountered.

In addition the Tracking facility will create a new spreadsheet in which it will record the workbook, worksheet, cell, and cell formulae for find/replace. This workbook will be given a unique name and saved in your temporary file folder (eg c:\windows\temp).

These files are available for copying to a folder of your choice. In addition you can view the last one created at any time from the software interface.

PATools Data Toolkit is a popular and powerful add-in that gives you many more tools with which to manipulate and analyse data in Microsoft Excel software.

Find almost any selection of cells on a sheet (by their appearance, contents or location), and carry out some selected function on them, such as change the appearance, the contents or the location

Work easily with duplicates, links, errors, colours, formats, hyperlinks etc

Convert numbers or formulae easily

Tidy up text and convert numbers which have been input as text (aren't they annoying?!!!)

Find missing items from lists of data

Line up and compare two sets of data next to each other on one worksheet

Add a clickable index page to your workbook

Convert digits into words

Swap instantly a block of data with the block adjacent (instead of having to insert, cut and paste and delete)

PLUS much, much more ...

In addition it takes just one click to:

see instantly the sum, average, sum of positives and negatives separately (useful for accountants to see Debits & Credits), maximum and minimum values of your selected area even if it contains error cells.

see instantly an analysis of your selected cells in terms of the number of cells, and the number that contain formulae, values, positive values, negative values, zeros, errors, text, blank and non-blank cells.

The reason this is so useful is that (unlike the bar at the bottom of the normal screen) it shows you all the figures in one go, and it copes with error cells (see how the built-in Excel bar changes as soon as you shade over an error cell?).

The PATools Data Analyser is a powerful tool for analysing spreadsheet integrity within Microsoft Excel software.

It is most likely to be used for two main purposes:

1. to assist in checking a workbook for integrity and for errors in logic and content, and

2. to help you understand and find your way around a workbook created by somebody else

It is essentially a tool that makes a copy of your worksheet and then changes the appearance of each cell based on its contents. This allows you to see at a glance whether cells contain a formula, text, number, or an error. So it is easy to understand how a worksheet is constructed, irrespective of the actual values displayed.

Imagine how this might help with large and complicated worksheets!

FACT: Users believe that there is only an 18% chance that their completed spreadsheets contain errors, but 86% actually did contain errors!

[Panko R & Halverson R 1996 'Spreadsheets on Trial: A Survey of Research on Spreadsheet Risks', Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences]

How much might errors in your spreadsheets cost you?

Can you afford not to check your critical work?

The PATools Data Copier allows you to copy data quickly and easily within Microsoft Excel software between different workbooks and worksheets, including closed workbooks. This is particularly useful if you have large volumes of such data to copy.

You can also amalgamate data from multiple sheets (and workbooks) into one sheet.

You can copy values only, ranges of data, or whole sheets.

Simple but powerful!

Using the PATools xlEmailer you can email in Microsoft Outlook any part of your workbook such as

a range of cells

multiple ranges

a single worksheet

selected worksheets

a whole workbook

There is a quick one-click facility to email a single worksheet, or you can use a separate screen to select options (eg remove formulas, remove font colours etc) and create the email.

You can save email templates, together with prompts, for repetitive or regular emails eg you may wish to create a monthly email to send out sales results, where this program prompts you to enter the month each time you open the email template ie the email subject might read 'Monthly sales results for {{month}}' in the template which will convert to 'Monthly sales results for July' in the email.

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