About PATools

Online since 1999

Founded by Paul, a UK qualified accountant with a love of software development, in 1999, PATools has been at the forefront of Excel software ever since.

Paul still recalls the first ever order from the website in 1999 - a check was sent from the US by mail! How times have changed!

PATools is a small team of dedicated professionals, and we benefit from the fact that we use our own software daily, so we really know what the user experience is.

We hate spam, and advertising in software, so we offer ours without any of that nonsense.  And we don't try to trick you into installing other people's software either!

So you can try our software in confidence, knowing it does what it says on the tin, and only then if it suits you, we ask you to pay a reasonable price to help us to continue development and provide support.

Seems fair?

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