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PATools XL Toolbox

R5.21 NEW: Brought back worksheet Macros to Excel! Improvements to some tools in the Range Manager and some new ones. Simplified Data Toolkit. A couple of minor bug fixes.
R5.20 Improved Mail Merge engine. Facility to Merge to a template in a different workbook. Can merge direct to template. Minor Excel bug workaround for Print Preview.
R5.10 Added variable password protection for Excel output. Simplified zipping. Improved File Manager.
R5.00 Major changes behind the scenes throughout.
R4.06 Enhancements to on-screen help.
R4.05 Licensing improvement, plus more tools and minor bug fix.
R4.04 Performance improvements, plus a minor bug fix.
R4.03 New tools and performance improvements, plus a few minor bug fixes.
R4.02 Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
R4.01 Major overhaul and improvements, new licensing, new tools, minor bug fixes. Outlook Exporter removed.
R3.11 Improvements and minor bug fixes.
R3.01 New tools; many improvements to Send by Email functionality. Other improvements and bug fixes.
R2.03 New tools; Shortcuts now has 9 custom tabs supporting mixed files and folders; and a minor bug fix.
R2.01 Changes to prevent our software being mis-classified as containing possible viruses.
R1.11 Minor performance improvements.
R1.00 New product, bringing together previous products into one suite.



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