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Using the software

The use of this software is generally self-explanatory from the on-screen help at the lower left of the main screen.

However the following may help understand the use of Stored Settings.

This facility allows you to store all the settings and text for an email that you may wish to send again or perhaps on a regular basis. An example might be a monthly email with sales results.

So, for example, you may wish to send your email to the same list of recipients, with the same list of cc recipients. You may wish it always to remove formulas too. Plus you want the same subject and text each time except for the monthly parameters to change.

ie you want the subject to read 'Monthly sales figures for January' or 'Monthly sales figures for February' etc, and the email body to read 'Please find attached the monthly sales figures. This month we achieved total sales of $1m against the month's budget of $0.9m.' for January, with different figures for February, etc.

To achieve this you enter

  • the email subject as:
    Monthly sales figures for {{Enter this month}}
  • the email body as:
    Please find attached the monthly sales figures. This month we achieved total sales of ${{This month's sales}}m against the month's budget of ${{This month's budget}}m.

and save the settings under a name of your choice.

Next time you open these stored settings you will find it will prompt you for the entries in double-curly brackets and replace them in the email.

Important notes

1. If you wish to edit the email with the curly-bracket settings simply hit Cancel on the first prompt and it will not replace any of them. You can then edit your template and save it.

2. All the xlEmailer settings and text are stored EXCEPT for

  • the attachment workbook name, and
  • the selection of worksheets to send

as these may vary each time.

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