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Using the software

1. In the upper section of the screen you can select the source of your data from two tabs. Whichever tab is showing when you click "Run" will be the one that is run.

Tab 1: Copy from one open workbook

You can copy data from an open workbook by selecting it from the drop down list.

Below this you can then select which sheets to copy from.

To the right you can then specify a range for each sheet, or an individual range for each sheet. Named ranges may be used.

If you leave the range blank then the software will automatically copy all data from each sheet.

Note: Copy entire sheets will override any range selections you have made.

Tab 2: Copy from closed workbooks

You can copy data from one or more closed workbooks adding them to the list.

To the right you can then specify only specific sheets from the workbooks (type in their names, separating each by a colon ":"), and an individual range from each sheet if you wish.

Note: Copy entire sheets will override any range selections you have made.

2. In the middle section of the screen you select the destination for the data to be copied to.

This can either be a new workbook, or an open workbook from the drop-down list.

You can also specify which sheets to receive the data. If you select "One new sheet" then the data will be pasted into column B, with the source workbook and worksheet name against each row of that data in column A. This may help create one single database for data from multiple workbooks or worksheets.




1. Prompt before each copy will ask you before each copy is made, giving you the chance to say Yes, No, or Cancel.

2. Copy values only will only copy values without formulae, formatting etc. Note: This is ignored if you select to "Copy entire sheets".

3. Copy entire sheets will copy entire worksheets between workbooks as specified. Note: It will override any range selections you have made, and will ignore "Copy values only" if checked.



General Notes, Tips and Precautions

1. Although the software is well tested and written, we would recommend as good practice that any data and template workbooks be saved and backed-up before running this software, as it is impossible to protect against every possibility of system crashes, printer problems, etc causing runtime problems that may damage your data.

2. For this, as with any software, the best way to evaluate it and make it work for you is to play with it using dummy data until you become comfortable and are ready to use it for real.

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