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Help Files and Demo Workbooks

PATools XL Toolbox

 PATools Shortcuts - help file

 PATools Range Manager - help file

 PATools Advanced Replace - help file

 PATools Data Toolkit - help file

 PATools Data Analyser - help file

 PATools Data Copier - help file

 PATools xlEmailer - help file

 PATools Merge Suite - help file

  - demo workbook for mail merge

  - demo workbook for labels

 PATools Easy Word Merge - help file

 PATools File Manager - help file

  - demo workbook

 PATools Outlook Exporter - help file

PATools Invoicing

 PATools Invoicing - help file

PATools Auto-numbering

 PATools Auto-numbering - help file

PATools Auto Bank Rec

 All instructions are within the workbook.

All products

The latest release and change history for all our products can be found here.


If you have any issues with our software please get in touch using the form at the foot of this page..

As a small UK-based company serving the whole globe we can only offer Shareware support by email. Sorry!

Specific issues we know about (which are not bugs so we can't fix them!) are listed below:

1. PATools Merge Suite

In some cases the software may report that a field exists in the main document which does not have a header in the source data. To the user they may appear both to be there. If this happens, check the formatting of the header cell - it may need setting to General format under Numeric, or alternatively you can change an option in the software from Text to Values.

2. PDF Creation fails

Users of Excel 2007 wishing to produce pdf files may require the Microsoft add-in available from Microsoft here.

Youtube demo videos

PATools Merge Suite

Click here to watch some short videos to see the software in action.

PATools Easy Word Merge

Click here to watch a short video to see the software in action.

PATools Invoicing

There are a number of tutorial videos that will show you how to use the software and get the most out of it, including all the various options.

Click here to see the list and watch.

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