installing and removing


How to do it

To install our software simply click on the DOWNLOADS button on the menu at the top of this webpage.

Then scroll down to the relevant software and follow the instructions.


There is a video below showing how to install the PATools XL Toolbox. If it fails to download then you can do a manual download from a zip file here.

We are aware that some group IT policies prevent users from downloading and installing some Excel software, so if you download successfully but the files then disappear, or will not open, please consult your IT department first.

Please contact us if all this fails.


Our software is not standalone but operates within Microsoft Excel as workbooks containing macros. Hence there is no standard Windows installation program needed.

We have been selling online since 2000 and enjoy a reputation for quality professional software. Our software is known as shareware, meaning you can obtain it free and try it without any obligation to buy.

We do not spam and we are not driven by an ad based business model. So our software can be trusted and does not contain annoying ads.


How to do it

To remove (uninstall) our software do as follows for the relevant software.

PATools XL Toolbox

Click the DOWNLOADS button at the top of this page to download the Installation workbook. Within that workbook there is a button to remove our software. Once complete, simply delete the Installation workbook you downloaded.

Please note - this removes the whole PATools XL Toolbox package. You cannot remove just part of it.

PATools Invoicing

Just delete the workbook you downloaded.

PATools Auto-numbering

Just delete the workbook you downloaded.

PATools Auto Bank Rec

Just delete the workbook you downloaded.

PATools freebies

Simply delete the zip file you downloaded and any files you extracted from it.


If you have any problems please contact us using the form at the foot of this page.


PATools XL Toolbox installation

This video shows how to download and use the Installation workbook for PATools XL Toolbox

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