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buying , licensing and renewals

buying and renewing

How it works

To buy a license you simply click on the relevant BUY button which will open a new window at our payment partner's site. You can then choose a currency and means by which to pay from the options presented to you, and enter your personal or company details. This information is not shared with anybody outside PATools, and neither will we bombard you with unwanted emails. We may send out the very occasional newsletter and that is all.

You will then be sent a username and license number which you can enter into our software to remove the evaluation restrictions. You will not be sent any new files or programs.

License details (username and license number) are sent by return email - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


1. Why is the price I pay different to that on this site?

A: Any difference will be Value Added Tax (VAT) which is added to these prices at checkout if required by law. This depends on where you live.

2. I have paid but not received my license details.

A: Normally you will receive your license details by return email within minutes of purchasing. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it quickly. If you do not receive your licensing details within 1 hour please check out the share-it! customer care centre or log in to your account at share-it!.

If you have any problems with processing your payment, or to request a copy invoice, please contact the ShareIt Customer Care Centre.


To renew a license you simply buy a new one.

However you will lose any unused time on the old license, so we recommend you purchase the new one near to the expiry of your old one (we always add an extra couple of days to our licenses anyway!).

You do not need to have any of your previous information, though to help save time you can use your existing ShareIt account details if you have them to hand.

If your software does not accept your new license details, please make sure you have the latest version of the software. To do this you simply visit the product page and download the new version.


How to do it

For most of our software simply click on 'License' at the bottom of the main screen, and you will be prompted to enter the details you were emailed.

We recommend you use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste the details in.

Please Note: For the PATools XL Toolbox, the licensing for all components is done from the bottom of the Shortcuts screen.


If the license is not accepted please check the following:

Have you downloaded the latest version of our software?

If you have downloaded the latest version, are you sure you are using the new version? You can check from the software header which version you are using - verify this against our webpage.

Are you sure you are trying to put the license details into the correct product? (I know it sounds obvious, but it's amazing how often this occurs!)

Are you sure you are using the Username supplied with the license number? Your username is not your email address, and is not the username sent to you by ShareIt! for accessing your account with them.

If you copy and paste in the details make sure you haven't inadvertently cut off any first or last characters.

Try one more time (in case you mistyped) and then check whether you have mistaken a lower-case L (letter l) for a number one (digit 1), or vice-versa. That is why we recommend you copy and paste in your license details - normally you can use Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Insert for copy and Ctrl+V / Shift+Insert for paste.

If you are certain you have put the correct details into the correct product, check that the installation folder has full write access for the program (there should be a PAT??.ini file in the same location) - for example C:\Program Files often has restricted access, as do user Desktop folders.


Q: How do I renew my license? Do I just click on "Buy"? Do you need to know my current license no?

A: To renew you simply buy a new license. Your old license expires and the number is not needed to buy a new one.

Q: I have just purchased a multi-user license (ie a license for several users) but only received one license number. Is that right, and should I use the same number on all the PC's?

A: Yes that is right and you should. The license number you received contains encrypted information that records the number of users covered by that license, and the number of licensed users can be seen in the 'About' screen within most of our products.

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