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PATools Invoicing

Simple and easy to use, with or without VAT / Sales Tax

See all your invoices in a list in Excel

Create a new one based on an old one with just one click

Create and email a quote, and then turn the quote straight into an invoice with just one click

Record when they are paid and see at a glance what is outstanding

Chase outstanding amounts by email for either one invoice, one client or all outstanding amounts - with just 5 clicks

Create your own template(s) or use the examples supplied with a once-only configuration for your own logo etc

Easy to invoice to regular clients from a list, and one-offs by simply typing their name and address into an invoice (so you do not end up with a huge client listing)

Many options for configuration, or use straight out of the box

On-line help file

Full instructions by videos on YouTube

FREE to try for as long as you wish with full functionality

PATools Auto-numbering

This software will operate on a network or stand-alone basis, for single or multiple users.

The workbook contains the programming that provides 'the mechanics'. It starts by creating a data file which securely stores the most recent number used - you can specify where this file is to be stored. From this your workbook can then import the next consecutive number to use.

The workbook contains one invoice template worksheet for immediate use with only minor customisation, or it can be easily changed to run as a Purchase Order or any other document you wish - you can even copy in your own worksheet, so you can easily make it work for you exactly the way you want.

There are many settings you can change, such as:

1. The cell to receive the automatic numbering and any text to be entered in front of the imported number.
2. Automatically import a new number on opening the document - Y/N
3. Format the imported number to include leading zeros
4. Set an increment for the numbering
5. A message to confirm the imported number - Y/N
6. The location and name of the Master data - this .dat file stores the last number used
(since you specify this name you can use multiple versions of this file eg one for invoices, one for PO's, etc
so long as you have purchased enough licenses.)
7. Automatically put the current date into your document upon opening - simply name the cell as GetDate in the Name Manager
Whether you wish to use the automatic save (and close) facility (Y/N) and the location to store these files
(clicking the button saves the file using the name you have given for the master data and the number imported)
8. Print a number of copies when saving with the automatic save facility
9. Whether you wish to use the automatic logging facility - each time you autosave a document certain data can be logged in a central Excel workbook elsewhere to act as an index. You specify which data is to be stored on the LogData sheet supplied by editing rows 1 and 2
and more besides ...

Why not try it out FREE and see if it works for you. You can set up your documents and try it out - on an evaluation basis you get unlimited use, except that it will not import numbers above 30 or log more than 30 documents.

Once it works you can purchase a license for the workbook you have already created and start using it immediately.

You will not be able to use any other macros in a workbook using PATools Auto-numbering. If you need to combine your macros we can prepare a workbook for you - please contact us for a quote.

PATools Auto Bank Rec

The workbook comprises the following:

» One sheet containing the Bank Reconciliation.
» 12 receipts and 12 payments sheets - one of each for each month. Note These are called Rec01, Pay01 etc so that it does not matter which month starts your fiscal year.
» One sheet called "BFwd" - enter in here your opening cash book balance for the fiscal year, plus the details of previous year uncleared items. The format required will allow you in future years easily to copy and paste in such items.
» One sheet called "Setup" where you enter (once only each year)
the name of first month in your fiscal year
your fiscal year eg 2001, or 2000/01
your company / division / bank account name

Having set up the details on these two sheets you are then ready to start entering your cash book detail into the 12 receipts and 12 payments sheets. Any sheet that already contains a total line can either have lines inserted above that line, or better still, you should delete the totals line. At any time you can automatically have a totals line added just by clicking on the button at the top of the sheet - the software will insert the formulae for however many columns you have used (which can vary from sheet to sheet).

On these 12 sheets you must not change the format of columns A - E.

Column A contains the date.
Column B is for a reference eg cheque number, paying-in number, direct debit, etc.
Column C is for marking when each item clears the bank. Uncleared items are the ones used to reconcile the bank. We recommend you enter the name or number of the month when each item clears. NOTE: This also applies to the brought forward items. Don't forget to mark these once cleared.
Column D is for some text eg payee for payments.
Column E is a formula that will automatically be inserted when you use the "Total this page" button. You do not need to enter anything in column E.
Column F onwards can be used as you wish, and it is here that you enter the amount(s).

At any time you can create the bank reconciliation simply by pressing the button on the first worksheet, and entering the current bank balance.

You MUST observe these limitations:
1. Do not change the worksheet tab names as supplied in the file by PATools. You can add your own new worksheets though this is not recommended. You can move the sheets around eg put all the 12 receipts sheets together, and similarly the payments sheets.
2. Do not alter the format of the worksheets set up by PATools EXCEPT you may use columns F onwards on the 12 receipt and 12 payments sheets as you wish.

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