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PATools Merge Suite

Mail merge, and create labels, using only Excel, or Excel and Word.

This software comes packaged as part of the
PATools XL Toolbox.

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Simple and easy to use
No need to know Microsoft Word or other programs
Merge single rows or multiple rows in each merge
Various output options including email and pdf files*
Use formulas, lookups, 'if' statements etc in your data and/or your merge template
Numerous advanced options
On-line help file and troubleshooting
Demo workbook with examples
FREE to try for as long as you wish with full functionality
You need just two worksheets to run a merge:

The source sheet will contain the rows of data to be merged. In row 1 you put the merge field names (eg firstname in cell A1), and below you have your data to be merged (eg John in cell A2)

The output sheet is your form or letter template, with the merge field names marked by << >> anywhere in any cells eg cell A6 might contain "Dear <>,".

The sheet can be named as you wish, and can contain any number of merge fields either in a formula or within text.
(For advanced merges there are special types of headers such as and b.linedetail, or merge fields <> - see help file and demo workbook for examples and explanations.)

In addition you can use a Word document (open or saved) as your template and merge into that. The merge fields are marked the same as for Excel and you have all the same options.

The results can be output to:
1. print preview for testing
2. any of your printers (including different printers per merge)
3. individual emails, either in the email body or as attachments (text files, Excel workbooks, html and mht files, or pdf files*)

If you use Microsoft Outlook there are various options, and you can send the emails straight to your outbox
file(s) - individual Excel workbooks, pdf* or html/mht files, individual Word documents, a text file with page breaks, or individual text files
a new workbook with each merge result on a separate worksheet.

There are also a number of advanced options such as different numbers of printouts per merge, print to different printers, insert different images, selective source row merging, add a counter to each merge, and merge to different destination templates in one run, plus a whole range of options for emails if you use Outlook.

It is simple and intuitive to use, with an on-line help file and videos to watch.
IMPORTANT NOTE on Microsoft Outlook security
When using this PATools product users of Outlook 2000 or later may encounter issues with Outlook security.
If you do not wish to see these messages we suggest you try the MAPILab product at
This product is simple to install, and is free for private or commercial use. Although PATools does not recommend any particular product, we have successfully used this one ourselves and know of others who have found it to solve their problems.

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