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PATools Invoicing

Very quick and easy to create invoices, credit notes and quotes,
and email them straight out as neat pdf attachments.
Just five clicks to chase debtors too!
And all your data is in Excel!

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Simple and easy to use, with or without VAT / Sales Tax

See all your invoices in a list in Excel

Create a new one based on an old one with just one click

Create and email a quote, and then turn the quote straight into an invoice with just one click

Record when they are paid and see at a glance what is outstanding

Chase outstanding amounts by email for either one invoice, one client or all outstanding amounts - with just 5 clicks

Create your own template(s) or use the examples supplied with a once-only configuration for your own logo etc

Easy to invoice to regular clients from a list, and one-offs by simply typing their name and address into an invoice (so you do not end up with a huge client listing)

Many options for configuration, or use straight out of the box

On-line help file

Full instructions by videos on YouTube

FREE to try for as long as you wish with full functionality
IMPORTANT NOTE on Microsoft Outlook security
When using this PATools product users of Outlook 2000 or later may encounter issues with Outlook security.
If you do not wish to see these messages we suggest you try the MAPILab product at
This product is simple to install, and is free for private or commercial use. Although PATools does not recommend any particular product, we have successfully used this one ourselves and know of others who have found it to solve their problems.

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