PATools File Manager

Work with files and folders 'en masse' from within Excel.

This software comes packaged as part of the
PATools XL Toolbox.

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The PATools File Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Excel software to help you work with files and folders 'en masse' from within Excel.

Although deceptively simple it is also VERY POWERFUL since you have all the power of Excel spreadsheets and formulas to help with mass creating, copying, moving, renaming, deleting, graphing and analysis:

1. Use the power of Excel formulas to create, delete, copy, move or rename a few or many files and/or folders very quickly
2. Quickly and easily build large numbers of folder names using standard Excel formulas, and then create those folders in one sweep
3. Open flat files and do a customized search and replace in each one, and re-write or write to new files - using Excel formulas to generate both the data and the file names
4. List folder contents or grab a file name quickly, plus some handy built-in functions help you manipulate file/folder names easily
5. Run full listings (including zip file contents) and get started analysing them easily with the built in PATools File Lister
6. Find duplicate files across your disk, filter them out and then delete them with just 3 clicks
7. View the start of a large flat file

To use the software you simply highlight your selected cells containing file and/or folder names, select your options and click 'Run'.

It is simple and intuitive to use, with an on-line help file and a demo workbook.

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