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data crunching

Many organisations find that over time they build up data in spreadsheets in a certain format, but now have a requirement to reorganise that data in a new format. Unfortunately this often means a large amount of printing, re-keying, and/or time-consuming and tedious copying and pasting.

Not any more!

PATools has helped a number of organisations to collect, index, and re-structure data, either from multiple spreadsheet files into one, or from multiple sheets into one, or even from other software files (such as flat text files or Word documents). This has sometimes meant re-organising, removing duplicates, and further indexing the same data.

Examples include:
a) Historical order information collated from c150 spreadsheets into 1 new database
 Invoice and customer information  summarising from nearly 2500 Excel files into one Access database, and the final data then checked for duplicate invoice numbers
b) Staff work data kept in a tabular calendar format (ie one day in each cell, months in rows, days in columns) compiled into one database

Our web service works like this:
1. Initial enquiry via Contact form - please supply a brief summary of your requirement
2. We respond
3. You send sample data, or examples, or whatever is appropriate from our discussions
4. We quote a price and date for delivery, plus an explanation and perhaps small sample of the final result to ensure we both know what is to be done
5. You send full data (by email, upload, or CD/DVD, as appropriate)
6. We complete the project, and send a sample of the result
7. You pay on-line by Paypal or Credit Card, normally 80% of the agreed price
8. We send the full final result
9. You pay the balance
Our prices and delivery times are guaranteed - no nasty surprises.

We, of course, treat your data as completely confidential and it is well protected by firewalls, anti-virus etc. We remove your data upon completion of the transaction.

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